SKU: 1000/DB4.PLUS
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The DB4 PLUS is the higher-power version of the DB4, optimized for testing suspensions of off-road bikes and cars.Thanks to the powerful 5.5kW 380v AC-Motor, it allows you to reach higher speeds and forces compared to his smaller relative, the DB4.The DB4+ is the perfect tool for specialized technicians who need to characterize high force or high speed suspensions.The improved mechanic will allow to get where the DB4 can’t take you.

DB4 Plus Main Features
Engine Power 5.5 Kw
Three-phase 380V
Load Cell till 5000N
Software easy to use
Stroke from 15 to 100 mm
Max Speed from 300 to 2000 mm/s
Min Speed from 9.5 to 63 mm/s
Weight 210 Kg
Depth 424 mm
Height (including bars) 1650 mm
Bars height 1150 mm
Width 830 mm